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Organizing events with Case Solvers will increase your students’ employability skills and thus make them more sought-after on the job market. Also, your university’s reputation can be increased internationally by delegating a well-prepared team to a case competition.

Unique, case-based methodology

Worldwide experience in teaching

Practical approach instead of theory

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See below how Case Solvers can support your university!

Develop Students' Skills

Skill development is one of the foremost goals at every university. We offer a unique, case-based approach to develop skills such as problem solving and presentation, that will increase your students’ competitiveness when they enter the job market. Help them get their dream jobs by organizing a case solving training!

Key learning objectives

  • Learn the steps of breaking down and solving a complex problem
  • Structure presentations professionally

Target audience

  • BA/BSc, Year 1-3, major in business
  • MA/MSc, Year 1-2, major or minor in business
  • Kıvanç

    Koç University

    I attended Case Solvers' Case Interview Day in Koç University because I wanted to be an expert on case solving, especially to be successful at companies’ case interviews. This event introduced me to essential strategies about case solving and it was a good step for my improvement of structural thinking.

Coach a Team

Maintaining and improving your university’s reputation among other institutions internationally is key. Besides conferences, case competitions have become the place for the best universities to meet and network. Participation is important, but securing a top spot requires preparation and practice. Case Solvers can support you by preparing your teams, using the latest case-specific frameworks and best practices.

Key learning objectives

  • Prepare your team for winning a case competition
  • Learn frameworks, best practices and solve cases with guidance

Target audience

  • BA/BSc, Year 2-3, major in business
  • MA/MSc, Year 1-2, major or minor in business
  • Laura

    University of St. Gallen

    The Case Solvers Bootcamps were crucial to our successes in the international competitions that I and my team participated in. The weekends were always a lot of fun and we developed many different skills that I am still using two years later in my professional life. All in all, I loved the experience and can only recommend Case Solvers!

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Zsolt Ábrahám

Zsolt Ábrahám

CEO, Co-founder and Trainer