Training problem solvers & delivering talents worldwide.

About Us

For the last five years, we at Case Solvers have been using the case method to develop problem solving skills of students at the most prestigious business schools. To date, we have held trainings in 27 countries, educating more than 6000 young talents around the world. We connect companies with top-tier students and also help train their employees in the latest problem solving skills.

Our Story

In 2012, three business students with a series of case competitions behind their backs decided to help other students succeed at competitions. This is how more than 120 blog posts were born about different topics connected to problem solving. Soon we realized that others are interested in hearing our experiences, so we organized our first case solving training in March 2013... and, as they say, the rest is history.

Since then we toured the world with the case method holding 250 trainings in 27 countries and counting. Having the chance to work together with top business schools and the best employers in the world, we spread the word about this effective way of developing problem solving skills, but this is only the beginning. The Case Solvers adventure continues with brand new types of trainings and other innovative solutions to make sure everyone can benefit from the case method...

...stay tuned for more!

About Us
  • Case Solvers
    26 September 2012
  • First Training
    in Hungary
    March 2013
  • First International
    Training (Hyderabad)
    October 2013
  • First Case
    Competition Organized
    April 2014
  • 10 People
    on the Team
    April 2015
  • First Case Course
    (University of St. Gallen)
    October 2015
  • First Corporate
    March 2015
  • First HR
    June 2016
  • Own International Case
    Competition Launched
    August 2016
  • 25 people
    on the team
    May 2017
  • 27 countries
    250 trainings
    6000 students

Our Team

We are a team of 36 young professionals, enthusiastic about training problem solvers and delivering talents worldwide. The trainers’ work is supported by an energetic team responsible for the daily operations of our firm. Check out our team below.



Core Team

  • Fruzsina

  • Petra

  • Szilvia


  • Franciska

    Senior Associate

  • Bence


  • Marcell

  • Réka

    Junior Associate

  • Nikoletta

    Junior Associate

  • Bence

  • Patrik

    Junior Associate

  • Gábor

  • Anna

  • Balázs


  • (Magyar) Patrik


  • Luca


  • (Magyar) Adrienn


  • (Magyar) Ákos


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