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Reaching top talent proves to be a challenge for many companies. With our extensive network and 5-year experience in the field, we can help your recruitment needs. We also offer various case solving trainings for your existing staff and managers.

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Why Case Solvers?

Turnkey event solutions

Access to the best talent

Unique, case-based methodology

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Worldwide experience in teaching

Employer branding

Hiring top talent is not an easy feat. The best students are picky in which companies’ recruitment event to attend – but at the same time, they are eager to learn. Therefore, providing an opportunity where they can develop their skills and also meet a potential employer is very much appreciated. Our sponsored events are just right for attracting top talent, and observing them while they learn.

Key objectives

  • Attract talent to your company
  • Observe how candidates work in a natural setting

Target audience

  • BA/BSc, Year 2-3, major in business
  • MA/MSc, Year 1-2, major or minor in business

HR Solutions

Finding the ideal match for your open positions may require special support. With our reach of the best problem solvers, Case Solvers might just be the best provider of talent for your company. We provide comprehensive pre-screening, including collecting trainers’ feedback on the candidates. With our service, you are able to save time, costs and get a better match at the end of your recruitment process.

Key objectives

  • Support you in hiring the best problem solvers

Target audience

  • BA/BSc, Year 1-3, major in business
  • MA/MSc, Year 1-2, major or minor in business
  • Fresh business graduates

Managerial Problem Solving Training

Everyone is a decision maker in an organization. You have to decisions about how to approach the problems you encounter day-to-day. Knowing how to structure your thoughts, map options and systematically solve problems is a necessary skill for the 21st century employee.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn the steps of breaking down and solving a complex problem
  • Structure your presentation professionally

Target audience

  • Managers
  • New entrants

Cooperation Between Generations Training

People at larger organizations have different backgrounds by definition. A frequent source of confusion is age difference: older employees don’t understand why their younger colleagues want everything so fast, while the youngsters constantly question authority. Building a bridge between generations is essential for efficient work. Simulating typical work situations where cross-generational teams need to solve a problem is a proven way to help employees understand other generations’ viewpoint and facilitate efficient work during and after the training.

Key learning objectives

  • Solve problems together with other generations
  • Understand each other to work more efficiently

Target audience

  • Managers
  • New entrants

Presentation and Data Visualization Training

We all the know those meetings with a poor presentation. The charts are messy, axes are not labeled, numbers are too small to read… A few practical tips taken from the big consulting firms can help anywhere to create a better presentation – starting tomorrow. Learn the tricks and get your point across more clearly the next time you present.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn the basics of slide structure and design
  • Deliver the message more efficiently

Target audience

  • Managers

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